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Millionaire Educator:

The ME workshop will help teachers consider smart money decisions and position themselves to become millionaires on an educator’s salary.

Money Management:

A vital life skill that is rarely taught and we aim to increase exposure for all ages.

AllS.I.D.E.S.of Financial Literacy Workshops:

Teaching Financial Literacy Skills


Only seventeen (17) states require a course in Economics for high school students.

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AllS.I.D.E.S.of Financial Literacy


AllS.I.D.E.S.of Financial Literacy (AllS.I.D.E.S.of™) is a 501(c)(3) that licensed JackieTrust®.

The services provided instill financial literacy skills and build wealth opportunities for seminar attendees.

The interactive workshops encourage attendees to become engaged in their financial capabilities and helps to build a solid foundation for life.

This reality-based approach has proven to spark a person’s interest in money managing.

The AllS.I.D.E.S.of reality based approach has proven to spark an interest in money managing by inspiring you to develop financial literacy skills and business acumen.


To keep money.


To put out money in order to gain a profit.


To give (such as money) to help others.


To receive money as return for work.


To use money to pay for something.

AllS.I.D.E.S.of Financial Literacy

“I want to attend another session. I’m excited. There was so much good practical information that was attainable. I liked that it was for every woman, not an elite few.”

LJ – Detroit, MI

“I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about the presentation because most financial awareness sessions are not very interesting to me. I really enjoyed the presenter. She was very clear and explained how we should take action on our financial means. I appreciate having to take a look at my personal and financial stressors (something I’ve tried to avoid) but the presenter provided us with various resources that are available to help me when having to make life decisions."

KA Trotwood, OH