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The AllS.I.D.E.S of Financial Literacy

Youth & Adult Seminars 

Seminars targeted to help adults enhance self-knowledge in order to engage youth in building wealth.

Learn sustainable personal finance strategies you can use now.
Discern that math is not a prerequisite to teach smart money habits.
Navigate money management to make life more manageable.
Understand the basic stock investment indicators (Dow Jones, NASDAQ & S&P500).

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Client Feedback

“After completing the ‘Spend, Save, Invest, and Donate’ workshop with JackieTrust, my girls and I had a completely new way of looking at our money and the products we buy. We now think of products we buy as investments and we watch stock share prices too. It has really opened our eyes and my daughters are excited about learning about companies and actually look forward to saving money to invest.”

A. Barnes (Jack&Jill, FL Chapter)

“Jackie provided an engaging and enlightening workshop for our children ranging in age from 10-18. It was also informative for the parents. We all left feeling how important it is for us to get our children starting early in investing.”

L. Samuel (Jack&Jill, CA Chapter)