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My son just said in the car,  “Foot Locker stock is dropping”, then my nephew replied, “it will pick up soon for back to school and the holidays”. I’m like wow they are discussing stocks on their own.  This is a proud mommy moment!

The JackieTrust I purchased for my sons and nephew were by far the best gift I have ever purchased for them. The excitement on their faces when they read the JT certificate was priceless! I regret that I did not video record their initial response, as I did not expect the sheer joy and excitement I received.

L. Ivory- FL

Teaching my children the importance of investing at an early age has been a phenomenal experience that I would not have been able to do without the assistance of JackieTrust. As a result, I enrolled my kids in recurring monthly contributions to assist in my quest to build financial freedom for my children before they attend college.

Client, FL

My experience with JackieTrust has been life-changing.  As a mother of a pre-teen girl, I wanted to expose her to the level of financial literacy that I didn’t acquire until I was an adult.  She now understands how to purchase stocks and is excited about the idea of making financial decisions for herself.  That excitement is priceless and one I couldn’t have generated on my own.  I tell everyone that will listen with small children to visit the JackieTrust site and see how this program is designed to empower young people and arm them with the tools to thrive financially.

T. Cooper-MD

JackieTrust has helped me to better understand the stock market and making my money greater. I watch my stock on my phone daily and pay more attention the news. I would highly recommend this investment.

D. Reynolds- LA

Now is a great time to start an Investment Portfolio for yourself or someone you love. I started a long term Investment Portfolio with JackieTrust for my baby grandson, soon after he was born. It’s one of the best moves I’ve ever made.

Check out JackieTrust for information on building long-term wealth.

Z. P. Wynn-FL

JackieTrust has been an amazing tool used for starting my children’s investment portfolio and teaching them financial literacy. They are only 5 and 6 years old and they know what “dividends” are. The children’s books that accompanied our purchase of stock were great add-on pieces that helped start the conversation about building wealth. Another feature that I love about the “stuff and stock” program Is the link between my children’s interest in toys and owning a piece of the company that actually “produces” the toy. This link In Itself has tremendous value. The option of contributing small deposits from financial gifts and other earnings is another feature that provides a teachable moment. The opportunities with Jackie Trust are endless. I would recommend Jackie Trust to anyone that wants to start or build upon a young persons financial mindset.

D. Jenkins, MD